Fans storm field, chase off referee at Washington youth football game


Video shows a group of fans, apparently parents, storming the field at a youth football game in Washington and chasing the referee off before getting into a brawl with each other.

On Nov. 2, a playoff game between two teams in the Nisqually Junior Football League was interrupted by infuriated parents.

The pandemonium started late in the third quarter after perceived missed calls, according to Q13 News. The referee told the outlet he was talking to coaches about a call when a group of fans encircled him.

“The look in several people’s eyes was just pure rage,” the referee, who was not named by Q13, told the outlet.

The video shows a woman swinging at the referee, who ran. The outlet reports he got to his car and got away.

Then, parents began to fight on the field.

Players and coaches were not involved in the fighting, according to Q13, but they were on the field during the entirety of the incident.

Police are investigating the fight, according to Q13. The outlet states one parent reported being assaulted.

The league released a statement condemning the fight and supporting the officials, which included the lines “The NJFL is deeply saddened and embarrassed at the events that took place” and “without (the referees) … there is NO youth football!” (emphasis the league’s).

The Federal Way Titans team was suspended by the league.

“As an adult, you should be setting an example for the kids … At the end of the day, the only ones that are suffering are the kids,” the referee said.

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