has plenty of performance issues, but how does it actually look when compared to PC?

Graphics aren’t PUBG’s strongest suit, but there’s a clear difference between the base Xbox One, and Xbox One X. Although plugging in a keyboard shows an expanded settings menu, the graphics preset shown doesn’t tell the whole story.

As Digital Foundry found, Xbox One doesn’t use a single preset for all settings. Compared to the very low preset on PC, Xbox One uses higher quality textures and better anti-aliasing, but suffers from worse level of detail in distant targets. Textures and shadows are similarly a step up on Xbox One, compared to PC’s lowest preset.

On Xbox One X, the console comes out ahead in texture and anti-aliasing quality compared to PC’s medium preset. It sits somewhere between medium and ultra, and it shows that there’s more going on than what a single preset offers on PC.

It’s only when you compare base Xbox One with Xbox One X side-by-side that you start seeing the improvements on the latter. Outside of the resolution upgrade (1080p vs 4K), the image is richer and sharper. That said, the report points out that Xbox One X has more than enough VRAM to support ultra-level PC textures, or close to it at least.

Lighting, depth of field and other post processing effects also shine on Xbox One compared to base Xbox One. The more powerful hardware in an Xbox One X is definitely being utilised, but not to the extent it could be.

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